My name is Tasos Valsamidis. I am a new blogger, passionate about all new things technological. I live in Thessaloniki and my main interests involve software development, diy electronics, soccer and of course my newborn son. I am an Electrical and Computer Engineer with an Msc in Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies. I work for CERTH (Center for Research & Technology Hellas), where I am also pursuing my PhD degree in Chemical Engineering.

My work involves the construction and operation of an in-house tomography unit. As such, I am doing some electronics work, some software development and a bit of mechanical design. For the various things that I develop, I use a small mix of python, c++, labview and .net. Hopefully, these will give me something to write about on a regular basis.

My main experience though is in IT. Over the years, I have worked as IT support, software engineer and a freelance developer. I have extensive experience in .net since 2003. I have created software based on Winforms, ASP.NET, WPF, WCF. I have also had a minor spell with PHP and PHP based CMSs like Joomla and MODx.

I am the author of the sharpduino library, which provides a simple way to use an arduino running the firmata firmware using .net

My interests now are Windows Phone 7 development, Arduino for some home automation and WordPress. I am also trying hard to make vim my default text editor.

I hope somewhere between my job and my fatherhood obligations, I will be able to keep a nice and steady stream of posts to help other people. I promise to keep personal posts to a bare minimum and only blog about interesting things for other people too.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m searching about using arduino as a simple daq board, google bring met to your blog.
    i found myseft just like you! I’m an electrical engineer. I’m interested in programming such as C++, C#, python, database… I’m studying labview for my capstone project which also includes mechanical design. Sometime I wonder is that I am trying to handle too many subjects… So it’s a great encouragement for me to find someone has somehow the same situation….

    Thank you for your firmdata library and keep posting!

  2. Hi there !

    My name is Fernando, i´m a 40 years old software engineer based on Sao Paulo, Brazil, trying my first steps with arduino stuff.

    I´d like to thank you for your sharpduino library that helps me on my project – make a pc/arduino ‘goto system’ for my telescope.

    Keep the good job and thanks again

    PS – Of course i love soccer to, I´m from Brazil !

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